These are the 'free' games in August 2021

Like every month, Xbox Live Gold members get a selection of “free” titles for just a few pennies. Also in August 2021 there’s plenty to find, both the latest from the Xbox One and Xbox Series, as well as old classics thanks to backwards compatibility. We reveal what you can look forward to.

Thrill fans should have Hack’n’Slash Darksiders 3 on their wishlist, which will be available throughout the month of August. There you have to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins as Fury. If you don’t like it dark and you’re more into a platformer game, you might like Yooka-Laylee better. This is available from August 16th to September 15th.

Two old classics also snuck into the show. In Lost Planet 3, available from August 1 to 15, you can enjoy the first part of Lost Planet. Jarrow: The Mark of the Wolves, which will be part of Xbox Live Gold from August 16 to August 31, is the real hit. This is the final installment of the Fatal Fury hit series.

As always, to access games with Gold, you must be a member of Xbox Live Gold, the online service for Microsoft’s console. You can get an annual subscription for around €60, and if you own Game Pass Ultimate, you get Xbox Live Gold included. Then you just have to link the games to your account during the promotional period and you can then – as long as you are a member of the subscription service – play them as much as you want.

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Xbox Live: Games with Gold im August 2021

Here’s a full overview again:

  • Darksiders 3 – 1. – 31. August
  • Yooka-Laylee – 16. August – 15. September
  • The Lost Planet 3 – 1. – 15. August
  • Jarrow: Mark of the Wolves – 16. – 31. August

If you missed the July titles, take a look at our list: There are still two games available through July 31.

these: Microsoft

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