¿Qué tienen en común Loki y Buzz Lightyear?

Have you seen the first chapter of the series? “Loki”? Then I definitely realized the relationship between the villain marvel the astronaut Buzz Lightyear… Not? We tell you:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe It keeps growing and from today and over the next few weeks we’ll learn more about what happened to one of the most beloved villains in the comics

(spoiler alert)
championship Tom Hiddleston The series presents the so-called “master of deception“Who after he disappeared with him trakt In 2012 (in the facts of the tape Avengers: Endgame, when he steals the cosmic cube containing the space gem) reaches Gobi desert On Mongolia, where I stop it time change agency For violating the sacred schedule.

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Then the world changes for Loki when he discovers that there really is an organization responsible for maintaining the chronological order of things.

to be alone without ox Nor Avengers One of the characters led him to ask who he is without them all. Well, according to the screenwriter Michael Waldron (known from the series”Rick and MortyAnd the next movie.Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness” This first episode is related to a classic movie by Pixar How is that “Toy Story“.

Michael recounted in an interview: “Buzz Lightyear was such a big inspiration to us in Episode 1 because we talked about that moment when Buzz realized he was just a game” Globalism.

“It was similar to the way Tom Locke realized that the audiovisual voice was the one who had always been in control of everything in his life. This is the kind of really compelling personal drama that you might not have time to see in a movie. A two-hour movie, but in a series. Of six episodes, yes.”

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The six-part series premiered today on the platform Disney + A new episode will be shown every week.

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In this regard, Waldron noted the benefits of developing a character in serial form outside of cinema.

“You get to go deeper with the characters because you have more time, you can go a long way in some conversations which I think is where some of the biggest character developments happen and you can explore the character in an original way.

Among the new actors in the series is the actor Owen Wilson who works inside the AVT.



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