He was chased by a tsunami, thus he managed to save himself.  Shock - Free Daily

Like a super hero Aquaman. A 57-year-old man, a disabled carpenter, was swept away by the waves tsunami caused by the eruption of the submarine volcano south-south volcanoAnd he swam for 27 hours to get back to the mainland and save his life.

Lisala Folaw, as it relates to Sky News, found inAtata Island – Only 60 people live in – and he was busy painting his house when he was Surprised by the rogue waves. Around 7 p.m. on Saturday, January 15, the man took refuge in a tree. However, when he got out, he was flooded and dragged away from shore.

Tonga, horrific photos after the eruption: ash only on the roads

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Float and thrown here and there of the waves that came without stopping,” says Folau, who always had trouble walking. The man explained that he has I swam about seven and a half kilometers up the coast of Tongatapu Island, where it landed around 10pm on Sunday January 16th. His project – a true miracle – went viral on social media and Folau was rebranded as “Aquaman”, as the superhero protagonist of comics, cartoons and movies.

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