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In 2020 and for the first time, beer imports to the United States outnumbered wine imports. Crime in Govt-19? Absolutely not! Simple anomaly or more stable growth? This last point may just be the reason.

This story is not contradictory as the company is mostly responsible for the import of this beer Chicago The public does not know much. On the other hand, there is a mystery, and the fall in alcohol imports by 2020 indicates a cause and effect relationship with Covid-19. However, this explanation does not like water.

Obviously, other factors are coming into play, especially growth American wine industry And the stagnation of the brewing industry across the Atlantic, leading to an increase in beer imports. One thing is for sure, within ten years, alcohol imports are gone + 40% Compared to beer imports -3%.

Let’s start with the evolution of beer imports, which is a bit easier to understand. In the past, beer came from different countries. By 2020, 72.27% of U.S. beer imports came from Mexico. This is the record for the year when the United States imported $ 5.75 billion worth of beers. Most beers imported from Mexico come from a large brewery located nearby Black stones. This is Eagle Boss Company in Texas Great river, It accounts for 56% of US beer imports. So access to the market is a real determining factor here, which is real and symbolic (only 5.1km separate Beatrice Negroes and Eagle Boss).

Beatrice Negras produces beer from many brands, including Corona, Pacifico or Victoria and various Modella brand beers. Ironically, these piers are now made in Mexico and distributed by a multinational company in the United States Chicago, Continental brands. In fact, the Mexican group Modela was acquired by Anheiser-Bush Infeve in 2013 after selling its operations in the United States to Continental Brands in order to comply with US law on anti-competitive practices.

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Mexico’s market share in U.S. imports has gradually increased: 30% in 1998, 40% in 2004, 50% in 2013, 60% in 2016 and 70% in 2019. This increase happened to the detriment of the Netherlands. The main source of distribution up Mexico Surpassed them in 1999. Germany and Canada, which each accounted for more than 10% of beer imports nearly 30 years ago, now account for less than 2% each. Thus, everything indicates that the cost of transporting goods to consumers is high, which is the reason for the continued increase in beer imports from Mexico.

What about alcohol? Unlike Beer, The decline in alcohol imports seems to be linked to Govt-19. After the former US President Donald Trump To prevent the spread of the corona virus in the spring of 2020, its European counterparts have banned open passenger travel, with wine imports falling by more than 24% for four consecutive months: April, May, June and July. However, this interpretation does not like water because alcohol is imported by boats, not by air.

Therefore, if the reason for this decrease is not Govt-19, the explanation lies in the fees. In fact, in October 2019, former US President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on wines from France, but not on Italians. So imports of French wines have dropped significantly, while imports of Italian wines have continued. For the first time since 2016, imports of Italian wines are higher than imports of French wines. By 2020, imports of Italian wines were slightly lower (-1.5%), but imports of French wines were down significantly (-20.03%). They fell short of imports of Spanish wines affected by customs duties 11.45%.

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Finally, these data show that proximity to the target market is important (in the case of beer) and that US tariffs on imports control Americans’ preference (in the case of alcohol).

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Ken Roberts

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