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Murmu . team elect Fifteenth President of India. The Murmu is 64 years old and belongs to the Santhal tribe: therefore he is the first person “adivasi” – that is, belonging to one of the indigenous peoples of the central region of India, who have historically remained outside the caste system – to hold this position. She is also the second woman to become president in India, after Pratibha Patil who was from 2007 to 2012.

Murmo was elected with 65 percent of the votes of all members of parliament and representatives of state councils, defeating opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha. He received 64 percent of the votes: he was supported by the ruling Hindu nationalist alliance, the Democratic Alliance, and its most important component is the conservative BJP, of which the Murmo has been a member since 1997. He will take over the post, succeeding Ram Nath Kovind. who was elected by the same coalition in 2017.

In India, those holding the position of president have mostly ceremonial powers, similar to those in Italy, because executive power is vested in the prime minister and the government. However, it retains an important role during political crises, for example when legislative elections result in a parliament without a clear majority: in this case, it is up to him to decide who should form a new government.

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