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(ANSA) – MOSCOW, April 13 – Alexei Navalny announced that he has filed a lawsuit against the IK-2 penal colony administration in Pokrov, where he is imprisoned, because they do not allow him to read the Quran: Medusa online newspaper reported this. According to a message posted on the Instagram account of the Russian opponent in prison.

Navalny explains that he decided to “study the Quran and understand it in depth” and took it to prison with other books, but the texts were not given because they told him that they had to be examined to make sure they were not extremists. . This verification, Navalny says, takes three months. Previously, the defector had declared that of all the books only the Bible was given to him. “Are you also going to check the Qur’an for extremism? It is stupid and illegal!” Navalny writes, who took Meduza.

In the past, Navalny has been criticized for some comments that were considered nationalist and for others – as reported by Agence France-Presse – were seen as mockery of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries in Central Asia.

Navalny wrote, “I understood that my development as a Christian also required studying the Qur’an.” (handle).

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