Jean-Pierre Michel and Cécile Bois as a married couple: rare trusts about their lives with their daughters

TF1 viewers enjoy discovering new faces in Here it all begins. Janis Abrech (klimAnd He told! , I promise you) for example was recruited to play Joachim’s brother Marta (Sarah Vitry). And for a few days, they are happy to see him Jean-Pierre Michel Develop in imagination. He plays a chef named Pierre. On this occasion, the 54-year-old actor and voice actor shared some secrets with our colleagues from Leisure TV.

Like his character dHere it all beginsJean-Pierre Michel is passionate about cooking. “I love it, family cooking, discovering new recipes. I love spices. I love when the house is scented, it’s a childhood memory. Since I was a kid, I’ve been buying cookbooks‘,” he explained to our colleagues. ASAP, he enjoys cooking with his two daughters, aged 9 and 11 (born from his union with Cecil Bois, whose first name is Cécile Bois).

Being in a relationship with a woman who does the same job that he does, Jean-Pierre Michel must organize themselves as best as possible in their daily life, with their daughters. So far, Cecil Bois works like a chef as he said Leisure TV : “We are fortunate that it is not so complicated, and it does not often occur to us to shoot at the same time. I’m basically the one running the house during the week, while I’m waiting for him to come back at the weekend. But we have security plans in place in case that happens.

a star Candice Renoir And Jean-Pierre Michel have been spinning the perfect love for over eighteen years. It was in 2003, when they shot with Mimie Mathy in Josephine, Guardian Angel, for the episode Counter to zero (season 7, episode 2), he and Cecil Bois met. And they said “yes” to each other five years ago through thick and thin.

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They make a beautiful blended family because the actor was already the happy father of a girl named Félicie (age 22) and a boy named Quentin. “I think my daughters helped me get along with my stepdaughter. I was also very moved to see my stepchildren spontaneously accept the arrival of two little sisters. As they get older, I can sometimes ask them for advice about a feeling or their memories of the situation I went through as a mother, which they knew as children.‘, captivated the charming 49-year-old blonde big tv channel, in 2019.


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