This is why the second wedding with Bushido is exploding right now

Bushido and Anna Maria Ferchichi have been married to each other for ten years.BILD: Instagram / Anna Maria Verchichi

Anna Maria Verschi and Bushido have been married since 2011. Only a year later the two said yes. They are now parents to seven children together, and the 40-year-old has introduced son Monterey into the relationship. In early March, the rapper revealed in an interview with “BTC- EchoHe would like to marry his wife again on his tenth wedding anniversary. “At one point I told her that when we’ve been married for ten years, we’ll get married again. It’s two months later. “I have to start organizing something,” the artist said at the time. Now Anna Maria spoke.

Here I wished Anna Maria Bushido "Happy anniversary".

And here Anna Maria Bushido wished “All the best on your wedding day.”BILD: Instagram / Anna Maria Verchichi

Anna Maria and Bushido never married again

Today is the day Anna Maria and her husband Bushido celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. But instead of renewing her vows, there was only dinner. On her Instagram story, she finally explained why: “I kind of thought that even with triplets, our lives would go on as usual, but that’s not the case. We don’t have much time for anything.”

Anna Maria Vrcicchi explained why they did not marry again.

Anna Maria Vrcicchi explained why they did not marry again.BILD: Instagram / Anna Maria Verchichi

Further: “It was already clear that we could not go away on our tenth wedding anniversary, and then we said: ‘Oh, we don’t do anything.’ Then I woke up this morning and was a little sad, if you don’t appreciate it – and then ten Years. We were planning on getting married again that day, but with the triplets there’s no time for anything.” Anna Maria also said that “it’s okay too,” “but then I thought, ‘Let’s at least eat now,'” said the mother of eight.

For this reason, she “was very little” and wears a skirt with an elaborate blouse. By the way, Bushido later talked about her date and said, “I’m here with my dear wife on her 10th wedding anniversary. My dear at this point: How did you put up with that for just ten years?” I am very, very happy that we are not only celebrating our wedding anniversary in general but also our 10th anniversary, which is a stark round number. Now we’ll have a nice dinner for just two.”



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