Ester Expósito sale en defensa de Alejandro Speitzer

Ester Exposito Came out in defense of the actor Alexander SpitzerAfter a national magazine published the alleged reasons for the couple’s divorce; The publication confirmed that the Mexican actor was “keeping” and that Exposito was kicking him out of his apartment.

Through a status on Instagram, the Spanish actress denied this version, without specifying whether she is still in a relationship with Spitzer, who described her as a wonderful, generous, kind, hardworking and humble personality.

Expositorto emphasized that she would not have made it clear had it not been that Alejandro had already begun to be moved by what the magazine published, so he made it clear that he would always be impressed by him, whether they were a couple or not. .

“I find it unfortunate that the totally misinformation and ruthless information presented in one of the media (if it can be called) about Alejandro and what my relationship with him was. I wouldn’t spend a second denying something like that if it wasn’t for the effect it had on my routine. Daily Alejandro, he is one of the most amazing, generous, kind, hardworking, humble people I have met in my life and those who were close to him know that. He deserves only the best. There is in the world and I will always appreciate and value him regardless of whether he is my partner or not” .

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Alejandro Spitzer thanked Esther for her words, and sent her a sweet message that he was accompanied by a heart symbol.

“What I wrote was a soul-hugging. You are a perfect and wonderful woman in every way. I appreciate the words you stand up for me; affection, admiration and mutual respect. Thank you infinitely for being Ester Exposito.”

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The relationship between the two originated during recordings in Spain for the series he directed Manolo Caro “Someone Must Die” (2020).

The couple was very cautious and conservative about their relationship and there were a few times when they dared to show moments of this on social networks.



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