From Tunden to Televisa for using the Nath Campos case in

On April 13th, Twitter in Mexico recorded a lot of activity after that Viralizara Serial episodeGuadalupe RoseOf Televisa that has many similarities to the sexual assault case revealed by Nath Campos.

Due to the string of characteristics and the similarities between the program and the case, hundreds of Twitter users have severely criticized Televisa for separating it from a sensitive topic such as sexual assault.

Followers of Nath Campus did not agree that he had taken advantage of his cause, so they returned Widely Criticism of the program based on the country’s most respected religious image.

Similarity or coincidence?

At the end of January, on social media, Nath Campus released a video in which he revealed that he was a victim of sexual assault by Ricardo, known as the famous “Rex”. Youtube.

Tears come, and Youtube And the creator, they explained, the attack happened after they both attended a party.

As a result of the accident, at least three other complaints arose against “Rex”, in addition to the fact that all The YouTube Related to it has not been distinguished from the truth.

Currently “Rex” is being held in CDMX prison while the investigations are nearing completion.

the ring StoreIt tells the story of Alejandra, who was sexually assaulted by her friend Alejandro after she went to a party together.

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She later tells her best friend, who doesn’t believe her, and then offers to work with her assailant on a TV show.

After watching the episode aired on April 13th, Twitter users confirmed the episode It was based on testimony by Nath Campus.

Until now YoutubeThe TV station did not issue any position on this position.


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