Of all the games you can play at a casino, blackjack is the one that players enjoy the most. As a player, if you’re skilled enough to adopt various blackjack strategies, it’s your game.

Blackjack, especially the classic one, usually consists of 52 cards with four suits. These are diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades, with 2-10 face value, 1 or 11 Ace, and 10 worth of Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

The Most Played Versions of Blackjack

Playing the FanDuel blackjack online will help you understand the game inside out. It’s a unique game, and mastering the strategies makes you the king. These are some of the most popular versions of blackjack:

    1. The European Blackjack

The dealer keeps the no-hole card in this game until players play their round. It’s the second most popular version of blackjack after the American’s. The dealer with the blackjack wins over a 21-value hand. This rule can only be reversed when the game is a draw, also known as a push, and the player also shows a blackjack. Another rule is that a dealer can stand on a soft 17, and the blackjack can’t be checked during the game. All players can double down on their hands when they have a value of nine, 10, or 11, which they have just one chance of splitting. The splitting chance is also restricted to just same-character face cards, which means a player can’t split an ace when others are hearts or spades.

    2. The American Blackjack

It’s also known as the classic blackjack, and it’s a game where the dealer has the hole card before the player plays. The dealer gets two cards, one with face down and another up. The latter is an ace. The dealer can steal a look at his downward-facing card. It could be a ten or a picture card. Either way, it becomes a blackjack, and all the players could lose when the hand from the player is over. It’s widely considered the most popular version of blackjack.

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    3. The Blackjack Switch

In this game, players can switch or swap their second cards as they can play on two hands separately. By this, identical bets on two hands are made by players. When they feel like it, they can switch the second card on each of the two hands, on which they place bets. However, the game doesn’t consider a dealer hand of 22 as a ‘bust’ but a ‘push’ or draw. If a player has a blackjack that isn’t a consequence of a switch or split, the dealer hand of 22 will be considered a bust. This game was invented by Geoff Hall, and it remains popular years after.

    4. Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Players can see the Perfect Pairs side bet before dealing with the cards. With the first two cards of similar value, there is a pair from which the side bet will emerge as a winner. There are three types of pairs – mixed, with similar number/face card value but various suits and colors; colored, with similar number/face card value and color but different suits; perfect, with similar number/face card value, color, and suits. All players must choose the game they want to play before the bet, and then the main game begins.

    5. The Vegas Strip Blackjack

It’s named after the South Las Vegas Boulevard for its boast of various hotels and casinos. Las Vegas is considered the world’s home of gamblers. To play the game, the dealer can use four decks of cards and can also check for blackjack. Just as the European Blackjack, the dealer stands on soft 17, doubling down any initial hand. A dealer can also double down after splitting that has to be four hands in a single game. Only aces can split in the Vegas Strip Blackjack, and 10-value cards can also split regardless of their differences. However, a 21 after split aces isn’t considered a blackjack. A player simply can’t win yet with that.

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Blackjack is played based on the rules of the house, just like any other game. However, a smart player can get a remarkable payout by knowing the best strategies for winning. Already, knowing the above helps you choose your blackjack game reasonably. It gives you an edge over the house.


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