Julián Gil confiesa que fue diagnosticado con cáncer de piel

Julian Gil famous actor, His followers worried, after he admitted he had skin cancer And what do I know He underwent a treatment that left a large scar on his chest. how are you now

It was through social networks where the actor shared that he became aware of this disease during the coronavirus pandemic.

He explained that he only wanted to talk about it after his fans asked him about the scar on his chest.

“Many of you have asked me about the scar on my chest, I want to tell you that a year ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I hope this video helps you get tested and you never think of us being disease-free. I love you!” wrote the famous.

Through many photos, the celebrity showed how this process was. Actor Julian Gil stated that he underwent surgery in which damaged tissue was removed and recovery continued for several months.

According to Julian Gill, he realized that something wasn’t right because of a “small mole with little relief.” A dermatologist and endocrinologist visited Gisele and found out that she had skin cancer.

Therefore, his treatment began immediately. Although the news was shocking at the time, he is currently in good shape.

“For me it was a huge shock when I found out I had skin cancer, like someone I never imagined would give me that, we think superheroes won’t do anything, everything is going to be fine and well that it affected me and this video is to educate people That we have to take care of ourselves.”

In this sense, Julian Gil recommended being extra careful with the skin, especially with the sun:

“I understand that -cancer- must have been because of too much sun, in Puerto Rico I was abusing the sun a lot, and I wanted to be black, burnt out, I was one of those who even smeared baby oil on themselves and did that upside down in the sun, well, Everyone told me not to shower often, and that I was going to get skin cancer, but I thought I was a superhero and thought I wouldn’t get it.Julian Gill said, “Don’t sunbathe, at least not too much, or use sunscreen or sunscreen.”

And finally the famous person made it clear that he would constantly undergo studies, because the specialist saw something in his nose that he did not like.

“Every six months I have to go get checkups and I’m going to get my nose checked, because the dermatologist saw something she didn’t like,” he said.

As expected, the news caused an uproar among his followers, who did not hesitate to write letters of support:

“I am glad you are fine, hug, God bless you and do not leave the examinations”; “The most important thing is that you continue to see your doctor regularly to make sure the disease is under control”; “Julián Gil I wish you the best and above all good health, may God take care of you and protect you always, many blessings,” reads the comments.


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