Dragon Ball Super Episode 74: Vegeta has a new transformation to defeat Granola [SPOILERS]

The Chapter 74 A few days away from its release and there are many expectations about a new transformation in Vegeta. Granola started his revenge on the Saiyan and left too Injured GokuSo, Vegeta is ready for battle.

On TwitterThe spoiler is circulating around the seventh chapter of the seventh chapter Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta arrives at a new power, according to a photo posted by A Filtration number D Dragon Ball.

Draw this new transformation of Vegeta little bit of SSJ3 de GokuIt will be the result of a Saiyan prince training with Beerus, to master the power of the Goddess of Destruction.

When will the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super be released?

The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super will be released next Sunday 20 July From 2021 at 10 am, according to the official Manga Plus website.

Where do you see the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super?

Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super will be available in Manga Plus web portalWhere you can enjoy new episodes of anime for free and in Spanish.

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