Power plant event with new monsters and an unexpected surprise

in a Pokémon Go has started a power plant event: The in-game event starts live at 10am – and runs through February 1st. With the activation of the in-game event, the special quest for the Season of Origin goes into a new round. “Spark had that feeling again. This time, he thinks the last mechanism on the door can be opened with the help of an electric-type Pokémon.” Niantic writes. You help Spark and catch as many Pokemon as possible. Meanwhile, he works on the final mechanism of the mysterious door in the ancient cave.

Bad surprise?

In this of the power plants in An event inspired by the Kantō and Kalos region You can get Pokemon like Magnetilo, Voltobal, and Eguana. Doof: Apparently, the well-known bad guys have also found out about the Power Door – so things should heat up here soon. On January 24, the event makers announced a “bad premonition,” which could bring an “unexpected surprise.” One thing is for sure: Team Go Rocket will appear frequently at PokéStops and in balloons. You can also use Charged TM to make Shadow Pokémon forget the thwarted Charged Attack. “It becomes more difficultNiantic writes.

Pokemon appears for the first time

Also celebrate the start of the Power Plant event Eguana and Elezard debuted in Pokémon Go. With 50 Eguana Candy and Sun Stone, you can evolve your Eguana into an Elezard. On the other hand, in the wild, you will currently encounter monsters such as Sliema, Voltobal, Electic, and Borregon. Lektrobal and Blitza are also on the way. Shinys can also be found from Sleima, Magnetilo, and Unratütox.

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Check out the raids for a power plant event. At level 1 there are Pikachu and Tanhel, among others, at level 3 Sichlor and Tornupto, for example. At level 5, you will encounter Genesect (Attack Lightning Module). But only until January 24, when the Regice (Donner’s attack) will follow. If you complete the field research, you will encounter Frizelbliz, Wattzapf, and Eguana, among others. Alolan Slime, Unratutox, and Emolga may also appear.

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