Haaland fly to Formula 1!  This is how expensive his clothes are in Monaco

Erling Haaland travels to Formula 1 – that’s how crazy a Monaco costume can be

Haaland: The Unique Development of the BVB Baby Marvel

Haaland: The Unique Development of the BVB Baby Marvel

We look back at Erling Haaland’s career so far.

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to Erling Haaland Now is the time for the vacation you deserve. On Saturday, he launched the BVB team to victory, on Sunday he was already a guest in Formula 1 in Monaco.

A subscriber on his social media accounts Erling Haaland A picture of the plane. Fans only have eyes for his clothes and that’s really expensive!

Erling Haaland: An expensive Monaco costume!

It’s the race of the rich and the beautiful: When you visit Formula 1 Monaco, there is always a huge crowd of celebrities. Apparently, Erling Haaland also took a place among the spectators.

He shared a photo from his private jet on Twitter and Instagram and wrote: “On the way to Monaco” and added the hashtag #MonacoGP underneath.


This is Erling Haaland


Fans were a little surprised by the timing, because he posted the photo just minutes before the start of the race. Some fans commented: “The race is about to start.” But it is possible that Erling Haaland took the photo earlier.


More news too Borussia Dortmund:


One detail immediately catches the attention of fans: the Erling Haaland costume. The BVB star is wearing a somewhat unusual jogging suit. It’s red and white striped by Dolce and Gabanna. Two canteens cost only € 1,240. There are also red and white sneakers – also from Dolce & Gabanna (cost: € 795). Oh yeah, and a private jet definitely won’t be cheap either.

+++ Erling Haaland: Breathe easily! This message gives BVB fans hope +++

But he’s probably not alone in Monaco: expensive clothing is the norm there.

In addition to Erling Haaland, Max Kruse is also a guest in Monaco. “Today it was a little stressful, we travel to Monaco and try to be there at 3 pm so that I can see my first Formula 1 race in my life,” he said on Instagram. (FS)

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