The “vaccine boom” is starting employment again

Thanks to the mass vaccination and the gradual reopening of the country, the US unemployment rate has dropped by 6%, creating 900,000 jobs a month. Nicholas Barre takes on the current economic problem.

This has been nicknamed the “Vaccine Rise”. In the United States, employment is very strong, and the effects of the Govt crisis will soon be wiped out.

The Wall Street Journal, Business Bible, states in an editorial that all registered jobs and the end of travel restrictions were announced on the same day to all vaccinated Americans. The more the vaccine campaign progresses, the more Americans will return to normal life and the economy will recover. The scars of the crisis are disappearing. In one month in March, the U.S. economy created more than 900,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 6%.

In fact, it accelerates the return to normalcy.

It goes very fast, yes. Nicholas Barre invites anyone interested to visit the site of the University of Maryland, which has created a “community remote code” by compiling personal data provided by Google and mobile phones. We feel we have returned to pre-epidemic practices, people are coming around, crossing paths, in short, the economy is starting to move again as before.

Basically, the best plan to support the economy is vaccination.

This is what the enemies oppose Joe Biden thinks that there is really no point in paying hundreds of billions of public money into the economy. You see, this will be a political debate for the next few months: let the economy do the trick, look, you see, it starts automatically again when we reopen everything. Employment statistics prove to be somewhat accurate. Democrats, on the other hand, would like to spend even more public money, which would increase taxes on companies. If the U.S. economy continues to accelerate, paradoxically, it will not do Joe Biden’s business. It is difficult to justify spending so much public money when unemployment quickly falls to its pre-crisis level. He may find himself in political trouble when the economy is so good. Story contradiction …


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