Obama Takes Out Christmas Party Guests, 'There's a Delta Kind'

After controversy in the papers about hundreds of guests, including many celebrities, Barack Obama has decided to radically change the program and scale back the party that will celebrate 60 years on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, just as the United States does. Facing a new wave of covid.

“Due to the new release of the Delta variant last week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly reduce the event by only including family and close friends,” said spokeswoman Hannah Hankins, noting that the outdoor party was “organized months ago, according to guidelines.” and measures in place.

The spokeswoman added that Obama “thanks the others who will send their wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing them soon.” The decision comes after the local and national press in recent days questioned the safety of a reception to which hundreds of people were invited, including former members of the administration, and Democratic supporters, including celebrities such as George Clooney, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. .

Of Obama’s staff, he had made sure all attendees would be cleared, but Massachusetts Governor, Republican Charlie Baker, said the party was “not a good idea” that he wouldn’t attend if invited. And even Joe Biden, who certainly received the invitation, announced diplomatically through a spokesperson that he could not attend his former president’s party in previous engagements.


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