Lionel Messi finally defeated Brazil and was crowned with Argentina

Argentina (1-0) beat Copa America final on Saturday against Brazil after 28 years of defeat in the tournament. After a brilliant start by Rodrigo de Paul, Angel de Maria scored the winning goal, which was also excellent in Maracana. In the country, the victory of the national team was greeted with tears and screams.

Thunder Club in Maracana. Lionel Messi finally won his first title with Argentina on Saturday 10 July.

Fifth correct: After four major match finals with Albiceleste (Montial-2014, Copa America 2007, 2015 and 2016), the six-time Golden Ball finally lifted a trophy with his country jersey.

Messi, 34, who was successfully led by his teammates after the final whistle, is the highest scorer and passer in the tournament (4 goals and 5 assists).

But the hero of the finale is called Angel de Maria. Paris SG The player scored the winning goal for Argentina with an amazing lap, after a brilliant start by Rodrigo de Paul, who also excelled in Maracana. “We dreamed so much about it and we fought so hard,” Di Maria said after the match.

Before Neymar could be comforted by a warm-up from his former team-mate Messi at FC Barcelona, ​​he did not know how to affect the match and burst into tears after the final whistle.

After 28 years of defeat for Argentina, in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina, the victory of the national team was greeted with tears and tears of joy.

“This is a big topic, especially for people”

“Finally, finally!”, Juan Pablo Warski, the Argentine commentator for the match, in unison with millions of Argentines, was released by the final whistle of Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojic, several thousand of whom immediately took to the streets to celebrate the victory.

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“This is a big topic, especially for the people (…) and I hope they (supporters) stay close to this team that they (the supporters) will never give up,” said Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni.

As for Brazil, we are far from the shock of the 1950 Maracans against Uruguay or the humiliation of Germany 7-1 in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup, but it was a terrible disappointment to the title supporters. Won the other five editions of Copa playing at home.

The Titans’ men were unbeaten in official matches after the (1-2) 2018 World Cup quarter-final against Belgium.

In the final of the Copa America (2004, 2007) and the semi-finals of the last edition, in 2019 they defeated their best Argentine rivals in the last two clashes.

Argentina, who did not win a trophy from the 1993 Copa Amrica in Ecuador, joined Uruguay in first place with 15 trophies, keeping the Brazilians at bay (9).

For this exhibition match, Rio City Hall was allowed to have a few thousand supporters, with 10% in Maracana for the climax of one match, the Govt-19 epidemic that killed more than 530,000 people in Brazil as all previous matches were played behind closed doors.

Come to Rio specifically for the finals, the leader of the FIFA Gianni Infantino party.

The tension is clear

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni, along with Di Maria, had decided to field a solid attacking team, with Messi and La Toro Martinez on the attack in the last three matches.

Like any “super classico” between the two sacred monsters of South American football, the tension was clear from the kick-off.

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Selenao began to put a lot of pressure, aggressively, and Fred was quickly allowed through the yellow card from the third minute of the game.

Neymar also wanted to mark his territory immediately, attacking his former PSG teammate Lo Celso in the midfield (7th).

But after an active start to the match, with plenty of mistakes on both sides, lightning came from Di Maria.

The Parisian winger, who started de Ball on the right in the offside range, picked up Renon Lodi’s pace before fooling goalkeeper Ederson with a beautiful lap (22nd).

The goal stunned Brazil somewhat, with the Argentine waves continuing to rise, with strikes from Di Maria (28th) and Messi (30th).

Tide tried everything when Firmino brought in an extra striker in the half to replace Fred and Selena.

Richardson was denied a goal offside (52nd) and goalkeeper Martinez (53rd) ran after a good start from Neymar in the box.

Capigol created two chances at the end of the match (82nd, 86th), but Argentina won at the Brazilian football temple.


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