Apple Podcasts will offer paid subscriptions

The company wants to allow podcast creators to offer new content through a paid offer.

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The announcement came on Tuesday, during Apple’s long-awaited keynote. While the company is already offering 2 million podcasts on its dedicated platform, Apple will now allow content creators to do so It offers listeners paid shows In the form of subscriptions. Concretely, users will still be able to continue listening to most of the creations available on Apple Podcast for free, but will be able to enjoy them.Outstanding advantagesIncluding, for example, listening without new ads or rewards. Some episodes can also be accessed at a preview, and GAFAM details in a press release.

Encourage care

With this new initiative, Apple hopes to push podcast creators to stop using third-party platforms. The Apple brand has also made a strong case to persuade them to soon adopt this new form of sponsorship: By offering premium content, they’ll get 70% of the amount paid by subscribers In the first year, then 85% in the second year, a company spokesperson told AFP.

“You can now help your favorite animators build their economic model and contribute to their creativity” Tim Cook

This new feature will be rolling out to more than 170 countries as of May, and will allow every podcast product Freely set the price for your subscription. An approach that follows the same logic that was recently formalized by Spotify this past February. In addition to paying podcast creators for some of their content, this new economic model could also allow Apple Podcasts to ultimately earn substantial income. More than 15 years after its inception, the platform is still struggling to be profitable.

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