iPad, AirPods, iMac ... what new products can you expect on April 20?

New iPads, AirPods and AirTags GPS … what does Apple keep us on April 20, the date of its first keyword of the year?

Officially, Apple will hold its first keynote speech this year April 20, 7 pm (French time). Although Siri sold the fuse quite a bit in advance, the company officially announced it when sending out its invitation card.

What products should Apple be announcing?

Requires Keynote, Apple is gearing up to announce a raft of new products, but which one? The first big competitor is the iPad. Its existence is hugely certain as the company has taken care to draw its invitation card logo as one can do with the Apple Pencil, leaving little doubt as to the touchpad’s presence at the event.

The iPad Pro, in particular, is expected at the corner after it was already revamped at the start of last year, Apple is gearing up to give it some additional novelties. The tablet should be available again in two screen sizes, an 11-inch version, still with an LCD, and a large 12.9-inch panel, which will have a new-type small LED panel. This technology will allow it to deliver better brightness and contrast close to the standard of OLED, while consuming less energy. We also expect Thunderbolt to arrive on its own USB-C port, and a new chip, possibly called the A14X, which will provide a performance level comparable to that of the Apple M1 for Macs. However, the slate design should prove to be identical to the 2020 model year. A third generation Apple Pencil could also be offered to accompany it.

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Moreover, some rumors have also sparked a revamp of the iPad Mini, which will unfortunately keep the same design using its Touch ID button. IPAD ” Basic “ It may also have the right to update its processor.

Apple could also take advantage of the April 20 event to lift the veil on the third-generation AirPods. The headphones will be entitled to a new design, with a shorter stem like AirPods Pro, and better battery life. However, some rumors are considering a release at the end of the year.

The keynote speech on April 20 may be an opportunity for Apple to reveal AirTags, the popular GPS trackers that have been repeatedly announced by rumors, but not officially announced by Apple. From what we know, these will be little tags to put on his personal items so that he can easily locate them from other Apple products. Additionally, that Apple has now started opening its “Locate” functionality for third-party products, the launch of AirTags appears to have been particularly well picked.

Finally, we can also hope for news of the next Macs with Apple Silicon processors. As a reminder, we expect to see the new 14- and 15-inch MacBook Pro soon, as well as a redesigned iMac. The latter could be the highlight of the show, according to a leak who is considering introducing a new generation iMac in several colors.

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