Public transport in the EU, Greenpeace report: Italy still lags behind on costs and accessibility

Following the example of other European countries, also from the first of May Germany And Hungary They submittedclimate ticket’, a low-cost ticket for city public transport, regional buses and trains across the country. However, Europe as a whole is still far from having an integrated, affordable and accessible public transport system for all. Report on Green area Central and Eastern European analyses it costs And Accessibility of tickets across the continent, making a ranking of thirty countries and their capitals. Italy ranks 21st, since there is no single ticket system: on the contrary, every company It has its own local public transport. Despite the fundamental differences between different countries, the analysis shows howPerfect weather ticket“Not yet in Europe.

Climate ticket to Europe The ranking is based on four criteria: availability From the climatic or multimedia card e simplicity for ticket system, it costs From the ticket, having cutbacks For some categories of people, the amount ofValue added tax in public transportation. In addition to Luxembourg he’s at MaltaWhich just made public transportation free AustriaGermany and Hungary offered relatively cheap tickets that could be used across the country, with an average cost of less than Three euros a day. It is found at the bottom of the ranking BulgariaAnd Croatia And Greece. In Italy, so far only a city Barry I tried an annual season ticket for public transport in City A Twenty euros a year. The situation is changing in individual European capitals, because they all offer monthly or annual tickets valid for almost all modes of public transport, as well as discounts for certain categories of people (albeit with significant differences). Rome is classified in Seventh place In the ranking: “The cost of an annual pass is currently among the lowest in Europe, but there are some restrictions regarding access to discounts and Quality of public transportation in Rome. It is unworthy of a European capital and poses many problems,” Greenpeace confirms.

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Transportation, the second expenditure of European families – Navigate there The second expense item of European families after housing. But transportation is responsible for 25% of emissions Greenhouse gases of the European Union and consumption of approx 70% of all oil used by the European Union. “Public transport is a vital necessity for the millions of people who depend on buses, trams, metros and trains every day to get around,” explains Federico Spadini, Greenpeace Italia’s transport campaigner. “Even the Italian government and other European governments can present the climate ticket in a few weeks if they are there political willThat is why Greenpeace is asking EU governments and institutions to commit to publishing accessible, simple, convenient and comprehensive climate tickets, valid at national level and long-term across the EU.


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