She does a pedicure, Clara loses her leg due to an infection

He wanted to make a simple one pedicure ma lost his leg because of Severe infection. Clara Shelman had turned to a beauty salon in Tampa, Florida, US, for a pedicure, but this simple treatment became an ordeal. After the session, the woman began to feel so uncomfortable that her leg was amputated.

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It all started with an infection of the big toe which unfortunately could only be eradicated with amputation of the limb that occurred below the knee. The woman filed a complaint and over the years continued investigations and expert reports that eventually proved her right. In fact, the beauty salon was found to be in a state of failure, as some instruments had not been properly washed and sterilized. The use of a non-sterile pedicure instrument caused an infection that proved to be particularly aggressive for Clara.

The worsening of the woman’s condition due to a previous illness made the treatment of the inflammatory condition more difficult. At the end of the trial, the salon will pay the woman $1.7 million.

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