Saving 13 Giovanni Gallegos with the Cardinals in 2021 |  MLB

Emmanuel R


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Mexican bowler Giovanni Gallegos had a great afternoon this afternoon at MLB This Friday, after landing 13 in saving the season with St. Louis Cardinals At Wrigley Field in Chicago vs. Cubs.

Gallegos participated in the seventh inning, finally, to cut a zero and hit two opponents in the first two shows of both 90s on Friday.

Giovanni Gallegos He is the fifth Mexican-born bowler with the most tackles in the Big Top campaign, three times behind Joakim Soria, who did so in 2018 with the Milwaukee Brewers. Roberto Osuna leads the field in the past five seasons with 39, according to information from Oscar Guevara, from TUDN.

It was the Cardinals’ 13th straight win, and 84th place so far this season to put them in a comfortable lead over the Cincinnati Reds to finish second in the Premier League.

Victory was Friday for Alex Reyes 10th of the year. Justin Steele lost the Chicago Cubs.

This Friday, Humberto Castellanos of Jalisco will open with the Arizona Diamondbacks in a duel against the Los Angeles Dodgers at 8:40 p.m. CMT.

Summary | This is how Los Angeles wins! The Dodgers defeated the Rockies 7-5

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