Covid, Brazil surpasses 360,000 deaths.  Patients whose tube is inserted while awake and restricted by a lack of sedatives -

For the first time, MSF defines what is happening in Brazil as a “humanitarian disaster”. In the past 24 hours, the country recorded 3459 Covid-19 related deaths and 73,513 infections. The death toll, since the start of the pandemic, has officially exceeded 360,000 (but many other people have definitely survived the dramatic count, in remote parts of the country). The The virus is spreading Without brakes throughout the national territory. “The doctors are physically, mentally and psychologically exhausted and left alone to pick up the pieces due to government negligence,” said Christos Christo, International President of Doctors Without Borders, stressing the lack of central coordination and the “unnecessary suffering” that the population endures. Public health measures have become a political battleground in Brazil. For this reason, decisions that should be based on science are guided by political opinions and not by the need to protect individuals and societies from Covid-19. ” As of February 26, 2020 – the day the first case was reported – infections have now reached nearly 14 million. Last week, Brazilians accounted for 11% of the global population infected with Covid-19 and 26.27% of global deaths. “The scenario is expected to worsen in the coming weeks,” Christo declared.

Why do children die?

Perhaps the most disturbing fact in recent days has been the sudden increase in child deaths

a The cause of the spread of the Corona virus, as revealed BBC. Local correspondents revealed, citing the dramatic case of Lucas, who was only one year old: “Despite overwhelming evidence that Covid-19 rarely kills young children, 1,300 children in Brazil have died from the virus.” One of the doctors refused to test him to see if it was Covid, claiming that its symptoms do not match the picture of the virus. Two months later, he died of complications from the disease.

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A threat to world security?

France joined the list of countries on Tuesday

which has Flights from Brazil suspended “until further notice” To try to prevent the expansion of the Brazilian strain of coronavirus. The suspension must – now – be approved by the National Assembly and the Senate. Currently, Brazilians can travel freely or with minor restrictions in only eight countries in the world, including Afghanistan and Tonga, and they pose a real and immense danger to others. Science Magazine confirms this Who published two “papers” on the situation in the South American country and the risks associated with the highly contagious and more lethal P1 variant born in Manaus, Amazonas, against which the currently available vaccines may not provide much effective protection. The key question is: “Is Brazil a threat to global health security?” The real danger is that SARS-CoV-2 mutates into another virus. Scientists have concluded that the more you can contain its spread, the less likely it is to turn into something more destructive.

“The collapse of the system, and the lack of sedatives.”

A new alarm comes from hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, as doctors face a sudden shortage of sedatives. A nurse from the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Relengo in the eastern part of Rio He said to the site Some critically ill Covid patients have been intubated while awake with their hands tied to the bed due to lack of medication. “They are awake, without sedatives, and tubeed, The nurse, who requested anonymity, said their hands were tied to the bed and begged us not to let them die. “Mechanical ventilation without sedatives is a real form of torture for the patient,” added the intensive care doctor Aureo do Carmo Filho. A nurse on duty at another hospital in the capital of Carioca, Sao Jose, confirmed the death of some 125 Covid patients due to a lack of sedatives. “We don’t have drugs, and we don’t have tranquilizers For ICU patients, unfortunately not many of them can. We are health professionals We are seeing desperateCrying, because we can’t do anything. We don’t have syringes, not even needles, ”we always read Globe.

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Bolsonaro opposed closed beaches

magazine Science It identifies several reasons why Brazil has failed to stop the infection and spread of the P1 variant. First, Brazil is large and uneven, with disparities in the quantity and quality of healthcare resources, such as hospital beds, doctors, and income, the researchers note. Then it affects the dense urban network and the movements that were not completely interrupted. But internal divisions between different geographic regions and the extremely strong political polarization that “politicized the epidemic” also played an important role. Finally, “SARS-CoV-2 has been spreading unnoticed in Brazil for more than a month, due to a lack of well-regulated genetic surveillance.” “The P1 variant is a problem, but it alone does not explain such a dangerous situation,” says Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF’s general director in Brussels.

Political challenge on closed beaches

Some countries, like Ciara, resisted better while others, with greater resources, were unable to contain the spread of Covid-19, such as Rio de Janeiro. Certainly, many are pointing an accusing finger at President Jair Bolsonaro, who just days ago returned to urge him Beaches reopenAccess to it has been blocked by some mayors and governors. Bolsonaro has done it publicly Criticize The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Pais, decreed the beaches to be closed. “I would like those who want to close everything worried The unemployment , They have seen how people live in (poor) communities, and how little they have in the fridge, “added the president, who was then He called again for “early treatment” at homeUsing drugs such as hydroxychloroquine to fight Covid.

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