Chambery achieves the achievement against Paris Saint-Germain and qualifies for the final of the Coupe de la Ligue

France’s handball team wondered how they could beat Paris Saint-Germain, in the fourth final of the Coupe de la Ligue on Saturday. Starting with Chambery, the opponents of the Parisians in the semi-finals of the competition in Metz. About Nicola Portner, the brilliant in the cages and the best player of the match (10 saves), the Savoyards put in massive power to beat Paris (29-28). Thus, you qualify for the final.

The pace at the start of the match, was very slow, suited to the great strikers and shooters of PSG. Nadim Remili or Elohim Brandi went there from their goals, the strength and talent of Raul Gonzalez’s troops was enough. Deprived of three players, tests positive for Covid (Yan Gente, Benoit Koncode and Adama Keita), Paris succeeded (9-6, 15).

Erick Mathé then took a timeout and decided to switch to a staged defense, at 1-5, roughly at 2-4 in certain sequences. Portner, Trita, and Costoya rode the pointer, and they passed in front of the Parisians suddenly, slow. In the break, and despite the four exceptions against them, Chamberion advanced by three goals (13-16).

Intractable trita

On his return from the locker room, PSG recently (Barcelona and Nantes this week) decided to play with the empty goal. A risky tactic. So risky that Chambery took the opportunity to score seven goals in advance (14-21, 37)!

At the end of the match, Chambery managed to score a goal and then two goals in advance (25-27, Costoia, 52nd place). The last five minutes were hotly contested. Alexandre Trita sent two huge pralines into a dormer window to keep Chambery ahead (27-29, 57).

The result, absolutely insane, saw Vincent Gerrard win a head-to-head meeting against Prozet, and Ntanzi put PSG back in 28-29. In a Parisian last act or so, Nikola Karabatic made a poor pass to his wing.

Savoyard broke the tempo with a timeout, with 15 seconds remaining. Paris experimented with an all-terrain defense, Vincent Girard stopping a last shot. But it was too late. Time passed, and Rimley’s attempt was too late, right after the siren, to allow for a draw… Chambery made his feat. and final.


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