The situation in hospitals:

Dr. Joanne Liu says she is “extremely concerned” about the situation in Quebec hospitals.

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“I am the one working in emergencies, I’ve been talking to my colleagues, and we are all saying we shouldn’t catch up, we don’t want to have to give our numbers, everyone is exhausted,” explains the person who is also a professor at McGill University.

She doesn’t want to blame anyone, but says Quebec hasn’t acted fast enough to tackle the fifth wave.

“With schools reopening, I think we can expect there to be transmission still relatively high,” she confirms.

“It’s still confusion when you go from curfew to ‘we will live with the virus.’ You can understand the logic behind it when you explain it, but when you have few snippets of information it becomes very confusing. When there is an erosion in that trust, well, Membership is definitely taking a hit,” she said.

She also holds the view that the health system should have used hospitals entirely dedicated to COVID patients since the beginning of the pandemic.

This is a lesson to be learned, because there will be other epidemics.

Dr. Joanne Liu participated in many humanitarian missions and stood out in West Africa during the Ebola epidemic, which infected 28,000 people and killed 11,000 between 2014 and 2016.

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