“Save France”: Zemmour breaks the postponement and goes to the Elysee

For a long time I was content with my role as a journalist and writer“But now there is no more time to waste. With these words Eric Zemmour announce to him nomination everybody French presidential elections Scheduled for April 2022. Send far-right polemicist”A message to the FrenchBy posting a video on his social channels. The message, of course, is that the former journalist is ready to take the field to challenge Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

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A few days ago, several members of his inner circle started tweeting using the hashtag #Zemmourcandidat (or candidate Zemmour). Now he has cleared all doubts with a movie called “It’s Time for Action”, where Zemmour is seen seated and classical music background addressing him”Dear citizens,“.”It is no longer time to reform France, it is time to save itThe new French candidate explained. The video is dusting off France In the past, Napoleon, General Charles de Gaulle, Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon. France that no longer existsA country your children miss without even knowing it” because “For decades, our governments from right and left have led us down a path of fatal decline and decay“.

The intense election campaign left little doubt about the true intentions of the controversy. Some opinion polls have indicated that he may run in the second round against President Macron. But the latest articles suggest that support for the far-right commentator is dwindling in favor of the traditional far-right banner-bearer. Marine Le Pen.

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Zemmour, 63, is expected to hold his first official campaign meeting on Sunday morning Paris: Anti-fascists and trade unions have already pledged to hold a “Silence Zemmour” protest at 1 pm in the French capital. Macron has yet to announce his candidacy, but it is widely expected to do so in early December, while Republicans are expected to announce their candidate in Congress on December 4.

Surveys and percentages

Clear beeper positions. waving a flagAnti-immigration AndIslamophobia, alternating with rather intense provocations, the former columnist saw the intentions to vote for his character as close to 20%. But in recent weeks, polls are pointing to a decline, which has come at the same time as her tone and sheer presence in TV studios. At the moment, opinion polls attribute it to about 14% Preference, with Emmanuel Macron (25%) and Marine Le Pen (19%), both candidates in the final ballot.

Many accuse Zemmour, who was twice convicted of hate speech, of fomenting divisions and promoting discrimination against the French Muslim population. Indeed, the polemicist has repeatedly argued that France is “overwhelmed” by immigration and for this reason risks “losing its identity” under the influence of Islam, which he considered “incompatible” with Western values. His fierce attacks onpolitical institution Controversial proposals about immigration and French identity have long drawn media attention. The feeling is that the outsider in the Elysee race could walk into his hand trying to woo Le Pen’s constituents, then play a very complicated head-to-head confrontation with Macron.


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