Germany was hit by violent storms

Heavy thunderstorms lashed western Germany on Wednesday after Bavaria in the south of the country, local officials said, predicting more rain in the coming days.

Torn trees and alleys flooded: Violent thunderstorms lashed Germany on Wednesday, especially western and local authorities, who said they expect fresh rain in the coming days.

Local media reported Wednesday evening that a firefighter had drowned during an intervention in Altona (North Rhine-Westphalia). The East is not saved either: in Saxony, a man is missing.

In Germany’s most populous region, North Rhine-Westphalia, heavy rains caused widespread damage, especially to many retirement homes.

In many places, the water rose almost a meter in the alleys. Firefighters said several cellars were flooded. The trees were uprooted by powerful squares.

In Hagen, streams flowed out of their beds and, according to emergency services, blocked “mass debris” streets.

Fear of flooding of the Rhine and Moselle

Firefighters used boats near Dசsseldorf to rescue three motorists trapped in their vehicle in a flooded highway tunnel.

Neighboring areas such as Tsar and the Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as the McLenberg-Vorpomorn (Northeast) are on high alert. The other north lander is expected to experience thundershowers, along with heavy rain and hail.

On Tuesday, Bavaria, in the south of the country, was hit hard, with natural disasters reported even in the Hof district due to flooded roads.

New disruptions expected in the coming days Local authorities fear floods in the Rhine and Mozell, whose magnitude is already high after heavy rains in recent days.


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