VfL Bochum, Thomas Reis, VfL Bochum, Thomas Reis

In the 2-0 (0-0) win over TSG Hoffenehim, VfL Bochum’s Jokers were decisive. Reyes was pleased with the high quality of the team, but also did self-criticism.

It was followed by a 2-0 (0-0) victory VfL Bochum About DSG Hoffenheim Served Thomas Reyes The back is almost loose. “So far, the entire Bundesliga season has cost us nerves,” he commented Riversport Bitter. Yet the game against TSG has once again occupied an exposed position. After a stunning first half, round two events rolled over. “From the start we wanted to have fun from Hoffenheim. We didn’t win because initially they turned out well after losing the ball. You can see their quality,” Reyes said.

Ihlas Bebo, who was alone after 19 minutes, had the best chance of the first round Manuel Riemann Close, but only lifted the ball towards the goal. As Riemann puts it: The keeper focused, especially after the break. First, he scored a 30-meter shot from Florian Grillitch from the corner (53rd). About 20 minutes later, the Hoffenheim man on the other side had a mad break. Soma Novotni At sixteen (73rd) he was pushed to the ground in anger. Referee Frank Villanborg awarded the penalty and Riemann advanced. However, he hit the ball over the goal (76th).

VfL Bochum: Riemann – Soros, Lambropholos, Masovic, Staphylococcus – Lozilla, Lowen, Rexpecage – Plum (39. Holdman), Boulder, Asano

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: Baman – Skowe, Vogt, Grillitch, Bosch, Akbokuma – Stiller, Rudy, Palmkartner – Grammar, Bebo

Tear: 1: 0 Novotny (66.), 2: 0 Pondovic (90. + 7)

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Yellow cards: Bosch (29.), Vogt (38.), Staphylococcus (53.), Grillitch (74.), Grameric (75.), Rudy (78.)

Special Event: Riemann missed a penalty (76.)

AUDIENCE: 19.500

Like his captain Anthony Lozilla, Reyes defended the Pocham goalkeeper. “I accept the criticism of the situation on myself. I did not manage it well. Two players wanted to shoot, of course I think it’s good when the boys are confident. That will not happen, “said the 48-year-old.

I’m glad I’m currently spoiled for choice.

Thomas Reyes in the team match

However, in the end, VfL can deal with it. In fact, Riemann’s missed shot was inappropriate because Reyes replaced the right players in the middle of the second half. Milos Pandovic made it 1-0 for Novotnik (66th) and scored 2-0 with an amazing long shot from 70 meters (90 + 7). “Milos have done very well recently, but Edward Lowen was also in training. In the end I had to make a decision. I had already told the team meeting that it was very difficult for me. I’m glad I can replace such players.” With a similarly difficult decision to take the right back position Said Reyes. In the end he preferred Constantinople Staphylococcus to Christian Kambova. “I’m glad I’ve spoiled for the exam right now.”

That’s how it stands VfL Bochum It is now in twelfth place with a strong 13 points. “It’s good, but it’s definitely not enough to achieve our goal of staying in the league,” Reyes said right away. Tika MD GB


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