According to Agostino Mioso, a former member of the Scientific Technical Committee, in order to cope with the Covid emergency and allow lessons to be held in person, it is imperative to encourage the use of open spaces.

In an interview with Messenger, Miozzo admits that Italy is among the European countries that have closed the most. “Schools in France, Germany, England and also in Spain remained open, except in moments of extreme crisis. We were among the European countries that closed the most. With a split approach, with the opening of one region, and the closure of another.

Moreover, he admits that school is not a risk-free place. The risks that can be faced by distinguishing between the inside and the outside. “Inside – he admits – there is a risk of infection, but it is reduced by the rules, by the teachers’ attention. If the school is doing well, the child maintains a distance and uses masks in the classroom. Outside, the problems of transportation and gatherings persist.” Which, however, much has been accomplished.

According to Miozzo, one way to deal with an emergency is if you can take outdoor lessons “because outside the possibility of infection is less likely. Of course, it is easier to do this in institutes of small and medium cities, or in the suburbs, less so in offices in buildings in Historical centers. But with initiative, adaptability and imagination, a lot can be done. The external school has more history than my father. “

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