Regionals of France, traditional politics win: Macron is bad, Le Pen (who now fears the presidential election) has not broken through.  But the abstention rate was 66%.

The National regrouping From Marine Le Pen It’s growing, but it’s not enough to bring back the victory polls predicted before قبل Regional elections in France, the last call to vote before the presidential election in April 2022, when the far right of the daughter of art will try to rise toEliseo. It should have been a test of strength for all parties: for Republic in March From Emmanuel Macron The first test was at the regional level, given that in 2015 the party had not yet presented itself, for Le Pen, it was instead an opportunity to prove that it is truly capable of undermining the leadership of the Macrons, while Republicans ban Leave Above all they hoped not to fall into a dramatic catastrophe that would push them even further, after the consensus collapsed in recent years. Rather, it is the latter, surprisingly, who have emerged as the winners of the last consultations, which are nonetheless marked by a Record abstaining from voting: Only 33% of those eligible went to the polls. The last number that Le Pen interpreted as evidence of amissed opportunityHe said: “Our voters did not go to vote, I demand the return” for the second round, calling “not to be affected by the results of the first round and to mobilize to extract the victory that France needs.”

The Republicans, given to die, are in the lead and establish themselves as the most voted party nationally, prior to the siege of the Republic. Leave. At about 19%, the far-right breaks away. It did not take off, but that was to be expected, La Republic en Marche which is not in the government of any territory and shows that in five years it has not been able to take root in the territory. However, the first party still abstained, between 66.1% and 68.6%. One out of every three French people votedIt is a negative record breaking the previous 2010 figure which saw 53.67% in regional polls. ‘It’s particularly worrying’The Minister of the Interior admitted, Gerald Darmanen.

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With traditional parties ready to rebound after years of total darkness, the president must revive his project so he can stay at the Elysee. In almost all regions, outgoing candidates for a country ruled by the traditional right and left are at the fore. The biggest surprise is undoubtedly the Republicans, who were struck by the president’s flight at the start of the election campaign. Thierry Mariani, which appeared with Le Pen’s party in the region where the National Rally was favored (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur) This is less than Marion MarshallMarin’s granddaughter five years ago. The fate of the region is traditionally more favorable to Le Pen, that Marseille e Nice, will be decided on Sunday by a vote between Mariani and the outgoing MuselierWith strong prospects for a convergence of fate in the Republican Front over the moderate right-wing candidate. Just Muselier e Xavier Bertrand, the big winner in Haut-de-France, north ParisLiterally tearing apart the National Rally opponent (47% vs. 23%) are the two men who appear destined to lead the right-wing destinies in the coming months.

Therefore, it is not a given that the duel of the Elysee will present itself as a remake of Macron against Le Pen for 2017: the challenge between the outgoing president and the representative of the new Gaullists, for example, is not possible. is excluded. For Marine Le Pen, on the other hand, difficult moments loom if the collapse of the party consensus is confirmed, which could take 10 points less than the regional ones of 2015.

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Thus, the defeated felines in the Hauts-de-France region, and in general throughout the country, aim to give Bullet of mercy to the far right and invite their supporters to vote for the republics candidate in the second round of regional rounds. Macron’s party resumes one of them “Republican volley”. “We ask you to vote for Xavier Bertrand unequivocally, because he must face the national assembly,” he said, Stanislav GueriniPresident of the Presidential Majority Party.


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