Next week everything changes cold air is coming, let's see where the Scandinavian meltdown will hit

Next week: a cold wave from Scandinavia

After so much sun and unnatural heat awaiting us between now and the weekend, we'll be changing our tune as of next week: in fact, a cunning wave of cold air is expected to arrive from Scandinavia, which will destabilize the weather in at least some part. From our country.

The date specified in the calendar is a date Tuesday 16 April When are you going to record one? It is implemented at the Western Hemisphere level.
It's all one person's “fault”. Wide depression zone It is located between Finland and Sweden which he will be able to drive Air currents of polar origin (hence very cold and unstable) up to the Mediterranean Basin, resulting in a Bad weather stage.
At the moment Areas most at risk It will be raining the Northeast And then Central and south (Here especially from Wednesday 17 April): The eruption of Bora on the Adriatic side will actually lead to a deep formation Cyclone That will unleash Strong winds and thunderstorms. Given the strong discrepancies that can arise between different air masses, we do not rule out the possibility of this happening Extreme events like Snow storms And StormsAfter the abnormal temperature phase that awaits us from now until the end of next week, the effective potential energy (heat and humidity) in the lower layers of the atmosphere will increase, and thus the risk of strong thunderstorms.

Cold and unstable air currents of polar origin descend from Scandinavia
And it's not just rain. Until the Temperatures They will be in such shock that they will not be able to hold their own below climatic averages Reference: The difference may be more noticeable considering that we will be arriving from a period that resembles the beginning of summer more than April.
However, we will have the opportunity to talk about this again in our next updates.

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