It's a do or die game: Celtics marvel at Butler's crazy show in the NBA

It’s a do or die game
Celtics marvel at Butler’s crazy show in the NBA

What an amazing streak: the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat are vying for a place in the NBA Finals — and they have to face off in the final showdown. Superstar Jimmy Butler forces a do-or-die game even though the playoffs lag near the end.

On the way to the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat was forced to decide in a duel with the Boston Celtics of national player Daniel Theis. The team led by Jimmy Butler, who was outstanding with 47 points, scored 111:103 in Boston on Friday night, thus tying the series to 3:3. The decision on who plays the Golden State Warriors for the NBA title will be made in Miami on Sunday.

“My team believes in me a lot, and my coaches too, they give me the confidence to go out there and play basketball,” Superstar Butler said on US TV, who provided eight assists, nine rebounds and four steals. According to US broadcaster ESPN, he’s never had better values ​​in the playoffs.

Jason Tatum was the Celtics’ top player with 30 points. This is not used. Although the Celtics regained a 97-94 lead with less than five minutes to go, the Heat stayed focused on the bustling TD Garden and took the win. This would be Miami’s first final since losing to the Lakers two years ago, and the Celtics have not been in the Finals since 2010. Along with the Lakers, the Celtics hold the record with 17 NBA titles to date.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers have found a new coach. As reported by ESPN and “The Los Angeles Times,” among others, Darvin Hamm must ensure that the team surrounding superstar LeBron James is at least close to an eighteenth championship next season. The 48-year-old Hamm has been an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks, who won the championship last season, since 2018. It’s his first job as a head coach in the NBA.

The Lakers initially did not comment on themselves – James, on the other hand, showed his enthusiasm about the decision to the public in a tweet. Hamm was assistant coach for the Lakers from 2011 to 2013, then joined the Atlanta Hawks coaching staff. He will succeed Frank Vogel in Los Angeles, who was fired after a disappointing performance and missed the playoffs. As a player, Hamm won the 2004 championship with the Detroit Pistons. According to the Associated Press, he is the 15th black coach in the NBA. There has never been more than that at the same time in the history of the league.

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