Ibn al-Rayyis is in an underground cell

Hannibal Gaddafithe son of President Muammar Gaddafi, created a scandal with A picture of the prison Where he is 49 years old Detained in Lebanon. In fact, the former president's son is being held in a windowless and underground cell, a treatment that has caused many cases. Controversy in Libya.

Hannibal Gaddafi and the photo of the cell

Shocking testimonies arrive from the prison where Hannibal Gaddafi is being held, along with the president's 49-year-old son, who finds himself serving his prison term in a prison. Tight cell.

Without windows and even underground, the cell's space is extremely limited. A photo spread on social media and sparked great controversy.

In an audio recording published by Libyan media, Hannibal complained about prison conditions: “I am in miserable conditions; I can't deal with it anymore. “All this suffering for an operation I know nothing about.”

Libya's request from Lebanon

After the photo spread on the Internet, Libya immediately asked Lebanon to take the necessary measures to properly arrest Gaddafi.

In fact, the Libyan Ministry of Justice requested the Ministry of Justice in Beirut Rais's son was releasedHe was arrested in Lebanon in 2015. But the negative response came from Lebanon as well, because Beirut’s demands, as Tripoli knows well, are different.

Because Gaddafi is in the cell

Hannibal Gaddafi is the fourth son of Muammar Gaddafi, and his third from his second wife, Safia Faskas. He is considered the black sheep of the family, and is imprisoned in Lebanon because of it Kidnapping of Imam Musa al-SadrThe founder of the Lebanese Amal Movement disappeared in Libya in August 1978.

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At the time of the events, Hannibal was just under 4 years old, and is now being held without trial. But today he finds himself accused of concealing information about the disappearance.

The arrest, which occurred in 2015, was the result of an ambush. He is married to a Lebanese woman named Alina Skaff, and through his wife's friends, some elements linked to Hezbollah convinced him to give an interview to a Lebanese newspaper. But during the meeting, Hannibal was kidnapped and smuggled to Lebanon, and three days later he was handed over to the Lebanese army.

An exchange between Lebanon and Libya to liberate Gaddafi

The border situation in the dungeon brought the spotlight back to Hannibal Gaddafi and his prison, as lawyers revealed Beirut's true requests from Tripoli.

According to his lawyer, the Lebanese authorities requested his release in exchange for his release Cancellation of Lebanese financial debts with LibyaFinancial deposits amounting to about $3 billion.

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