League of Legends: Carmine Korb faces Gerard Pique and Ebay Janos in the match

The evening promised to be rich in emotions and Carmine did not disappoint. During a live broadcast on his Twitch channel, Kamel “Kamito” Kabir – accompanied by his partner Amin “Rais” Makri with whom he created the structure – revealed an unexpected show match and an inevitable launch.

A truly historic match

Karmine Corp found itself in the spotlight after its success in 2021 and generated crazy fans. Like Kameto and Prime, another famous pair chose to move to League of Legends. Gerard Pique and Ebay Llanos – a popular Spanish broadcaster and commentator – secured a spot in La Liga for the following season. They will present their team at an event jointly organized with KCorp.

So both structures decided to compete in a two-way show, which is enough to gauge the potential of the crazy audiences these two societies bring together. The first meeting will be held in Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on 15 December. The sports stadium will host 15,000 Spanish fans, and the weather is expected to be hot.

Farewell evening and mad transfer

The evening of Carmine’s company had begun earlier, with the announcement of the departure of three of its players. Tried and tested in the off-season, Poland’s Jacob “Senkroff” Roqueki, famed Briton Matthew “X-Mate” Charles Coombs and Belgian backer Raphael “Targamas” left Krabi after a year crowned cup. If their teams haven’t been announced yet, they will all leave for the LEC.


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