Trump incites his followers to revolt after being sentenced to pay 454 million: “They want to seize my assets and eliminate me, stop them!”

Donald Trump and his legal advisors are living in a “state of panic” these hours, after a New York court ordered him to pay a bond worth $454 million within a few days to guarantee the fine he will have to pay upon issuance of the conviction on charges of fraud. In the case of the Trump Organization's overvalued assets. Report it CNNReiterating how Trump's team is unable to find any insurance company capable of covering this amount, campaign support expenses have also exploded in light of the November presidential election. Now Trump continues to counterattack with a ruse of his own, as evidence of his incitement of his people to revolt against the hated “Democratic establishment.” “It's a witch hunt, help me stop it: Hands off Trump Tower!” the renominated former president shouted from the columns of his afternoon newsletter to his ferocious followers. Radical Democratic lawyer Letitia James said she was ready to seize my assets, including the famous Trump Tower. Democrats think they can intimidate me into leaving. “But I will never give up,” the businessman shouted over the newsletter in many capital letters, reminding fans that “you are the ones who are really angry, not me.”

Challenge before midnight

But what does the call to defend his supporters consist of? Technically, in the invitation to respond to a “pre-prepared” poll of pro-Trump questions and sign the protest appeal against the action taken by the New York court also known as the “witch hunt” before midnight in the United States. The goal: Collect at least 1 million examples of “pro-Trump patriots.” Then, of course, the tone was so loud — even against President and future challenger Joe Biden, who is accused of “coordinating this election interference” — that everyone reading could interpret the call for revolution in their own way. Not much different, all things considered, from what happened on January 6, 2021, when Trump's ambiguous calls for revolution ended in the stunning armed attack on Congress. Not a small detail: first edition The day's mobilization call concluded with a call to “stand by my side peacefully.” But in Issuance After going online, Trump and his reporters chose to remove this “conciliatory” circumstance. nothing else safely, So. Only one invitation remains: «Stand with me today. We will make America great again! Everyone must interpret it as they see fit.

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