Uninvited ship passengers cannot go to the island

(CNN Espasol) – Cruise passengers and vaccinators arriving in Puerto Rico will not be able to land on the island even if they have tested negative for Covit-19. Puerto Rico Port Authority (APPR), Department of Health and Tourism.

The move is part of a protocol they established with Carnival Cruise Line, the first shipping company to ship with passengers in Puerto Rico, which stopped the voyage when the Covid-19 epidemic began.

The arrival of the first voyage is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 3 on the Mardi Gras boat.

Joel A. Johnson, Managing Director of APPR, said: According to Biz Badis, security measures have been put in place to allow cruise ships with passengers to enter the island.

What was it like traveling on a cruise ship in the Govt-19 era? 4:04

As part of the protocol, Biz Patis explained that at least 95% of passengers and crew on carnival trips must be vaccinated against Govt-19. In addition to vaccination requirements, the protocol states that all passengers must undergo a molecular PCR test before boarding.

Before boarding, the line will ask everyone questions and symptom testing.

Passengers who have not been vaccinated will not be able to go ashore, even if they have tested negative for Govt-19. Those who are not vaccinated will wear special bracelets for easy identification.

Both ports and health care reserve the right to terminate these agreements if they deem fit with shipping tax.

For his part, Carlos Mercado, managing director of the tourism company, pointed out that “the resumption of travel activities on the island marks another milestone in the recovery plan for the tourism sector in Puerto Rico.”

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