Agricultural Credit: Two Actions to Support the Green Generation Strategy

The goal is to support the momentum generated by the Green Generation strategy, with two key actions.

The first job It is the national program to accompany and support young agricultural entrepreneurs in rural areas. Its aim is to support young agricultural entrepreneurs and ensure the professional inclusion of rural youth, through:
Specific financial support tailored to the needs of project leaders;
Non-financial support through advice, supervision, training and provision of partner expertise.

The programme, whose first phase was held on May 25th at the level of the Ain El Orma community in Meknes, concerns all regions of Morocco and will be implemented at the end of June. At each stage, it will bring together young entrepreneurs regardless of the maturity of their ventures in order to direct, supervise and provide them with the necessary financing, thus ultimately promoting the emergence of the rural middle class.

To do this, the Bank has developed a customized financing offer under the National Rural Investor Program (Amaq), under the Intilaaqah Program.

The second work de la Banque is the new digital pathway dedicated to the payment of royalties from the Western Regional Agricultural Development Office via the digital agricultural platform CAM.

Having already laid the first building blocks, this new path enriches the digital payment section of the free E-Privileges app. Thus the farmer can pay his fees related to the consumption of irrigation water automatically, and with ease, in favor of ORMVAG without having to go to the collection agencies which can be located 30 or 40 km away in the West.

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