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The spectators played a very exciting and high-profile qualifying match for the Bavarian FA Cup an egg on Günz. There the host regional league kickers were forced to give up 4:5 only to favorite Bayern Munich club TSV Kottern.

Eggs Manuel Schedel spoke of a well-deserved victory for the guests and that high quality prevailed. Football players from the Sankt Mang district of Kempten advanced 2-0 a few minutes later. Julian Feneberg took advantage of an Egger backhand error after a throw-in (3rd). A little later, Matthias Gausham did not leave SV goalkeeper Konstantin Seibel any defensive chance (9th place). Only now the host team has begun to take part in the event.

Simon Schroub’s goal came with a nice help from Kotterin goalkeeper Tobias Hyland. The goalkeeper completely misjudged himself on the free kick from distance and let the ball pass (15). From now on, the game was pretty much equal. Hyland saved a shot from Manuel Schedel, but was helpless to Torsten Schoewerk’s stab (39th place). Immediately before the break, the owners of the land took the initiative. This time it was Schedel who missed the guest defense to make it 3-2 (45+2).

After the break, both teams needed some time to return to operating temperature. Then it became fun. Usham’s first shot from an acute angle hit 3:3 (56), before Manuel Schropp gave the correct answer with his goal for a renewed lead (58). In the latter phase, the National League team, which also lacked some regular staff, was notable for wear. With two goals from substitute Phillip Messinger, Kotteren netted a 5:4 win that wasn’t deserved in the end (76, 83). (Jorse)

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SV Egg an der Günz Seibl – Morina, Chr. Jehle, Heinle, Rauh – Binder (60 Walter), Hölzle, S. Schropp, Schuhwerk – M. Schedel, M. Schropp.


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