Aaron Judge launched a five-man attack to bolster Gerrit Cole’s effort, and the New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 7-2 on Tuesday night.

The Yankees have not won since the September 1-3 games.

Cole returned (15-7) after a severe groin problem prevented him from completing his start on September 7 against Toronto. He left the house full in the first half, writing off Mexican Ramon Urillas.

In that inning, he had to make 29 throws.

Cole’s work included one and four strokes in five runs, as well as seven strokes and three walks. He had 108 throws.

Judge hit Homer from two runs in the first half, turning away from Alexander Wells (1-3). He reached 34 Homers in the season.

Against Baltimore, the judge is down to 58.20 with three pairs, nine barn owners and 15 RBI so far this year.

Giancarlo Stanton added Homer in the third inning and Luke Voight immediately followed up with a home run.

Joey Gallo shot 34 of the owners of the land and the ball disappeared in the eighth inning. DJ LeMahieu completed the festival on the 9th.

For the Yankees, Venezuelan Jaliber Torres 4-1. Colombian Gio Orchila 3-2.

For the Orioles, Venezuelan Anthony Santander 3-0. Mexican Urea 4-1. Dominican Pedro Severino 3-0, Kelvin Gutierrez 4-1 with the Reserve Bank of India.

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