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This Thursday you can’t miss notes on Hamburger Day, Andres Calamaru’s new album, Meet friends, As well as the new trailer for House of Flowers: The Movie.

Burger for less than 10 pesos to celebrate your day

The Hamburger day Coming, so you must forget the diet and savor this classic North American dish as if there was no tomorrow.

On May 28 as part of celebrations for the sixth time Carls Jr. s Burger King They’ll have great offers that you won’t be able to turn down:

And Carls Jr’s When purchasing any set to order in the dining room, you can have a Burger Famous star With cheese 1 peso. Applies to in-building dining, takeout, and self-catering.

The Burger King Whopper will be offered for 10 pesos. Yes, 10 pesos.

“We want all Mexicans to celebrate Burger Day with us with a promotional offer without small letters and without asking for anything extra to take advantage of it and celebrate it with a real promotion, and what is better than that which we have in all our restaurants nationwide, to celebrate our favorite food,” highlighted by Guillermo Hermosillo, Director Marketing the company in Mexico.

This offer will also be available on the Burger King app and through home delivery platforms such as Didi Food, Rappi and Uber Eats.

Andres Calamaru releases his new album May God raise them

Andres Calamaru found an opportunity to sing with some of his idols and good friends, such as Raphael and Julio Iglesias, on his new album May God raise them.

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In this duo album, released Thursday in digital format and available starting Friday in physical format, the Argentine singer-songwriter mirrors iconic songs like ThinWith Alejandro Sanz and Aztec Stadium Con Leela Downs.

“This album was recorded out of love, out of friendship, it is sincere respect and the joy of coming together to sing,” Calamaru said in a recent telephone interview from Madrid. “It’s a company album, more than a joint album. It’s a company between us.”

To Julio Iglesias who sings with him BohemianShe is so confident in him that she says she called him to seek romantic advice. In Raphael’s case the tango Play with fire This is his first collaboration with the artist, who completed 60 years of experience in 2020.

Five Latin Awards winner Calamaru said that after this experience he composed a song for Raphael that he hopes to record soon.

The collaboration in this production, which had been in development over several years, was remotely recorded, prior to the pandemic, to suit each artist’s time. The album also includes collaborations from Mon Laferte, Saúl Hernández, Juanes, Vicentico, Sebastián Yatra, Julieta Venegas, and Carlos Vives.

Bluntly, this was a reunion friends

Near the end of a special reunion friends For HBO Max, host James Corden asks the six actors to imagine what their character’s life would be like now.

Chandler and Monica will marry. Like Ross and Rachel. With the kids, of course, the same goes for Phoebe. The only mystery was Joy, to which actor Matt LeBlanc answered with a joke.

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“It is possible that he has opened a sandwich shop on Venice Beach,” he said.

That’s when I disappointed Friends: Reunion, This Thursday was released on the broadcast service. Wasn’t it great to take this trip?

It is what matters most when someone meets friends who were like family in early adulthood. How did everyone change? Did your dreams come true? Are life’s inevitable disappointments making you frustrated or empowering? Can they still be friends?

There are likely many reasons why those involved did not attempt to follow this story. It was hard. Certainly not everyone was on the same page. There is always the possibility of failure.

Actress Lisa Kudrow noted that the series’ writers, Marta Kaufman and David Crane, said they worked hard to give each character a satisfying ending when the comedy was discontinued on NBC in 2004. In her case, she had not considered reintroducing the show. Vibe personality.

The start is very efficient. The door opens in the empty Warner Bros. set where the old group of “friends” was. Schwimmer enters alone, shaking his head as he sees in the horizon.

One by one, Kudrow, Aniston, LeBlanc, Cox and finally Perry follow. Aniston and Cox are given tear tissue and it wouldn’t be the last time.

Thus begins two hours of memories, aided by generous clips and appearances by some of the people who were on the show. Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, still has that unbearable chuckle and explains how Perry inspired her.

Netflix releases the trailer for The House of Flowers: the Movie

On Thursday, Netflix presented the trailer for a movie Flower houseWhich will be shown on June 23.

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House of Flowers, the movie Fans of this story will be surprised, as it shows more about the present and past of this strange family, led by Polina, Elena and Julian de la Mora, accompanied by Diego, Maria Jose, Bruno and Delia.

“In a mission that they can only accomplish together as a family, all de la Mora family members will have to fully stick to the plan, to close one of the most important chapters in their history,” Netflix says.

The film stars Cecilia Suarez, Aysline Derbez, Dario Yazbeck and Juan Pablo Medina, with shows from Ximena Sariñana, Paco León, Isabel Burr, Luis de la Rosa, Tiago Correa, Emilio Cuaik, Javier Jattin, Norma Angélica, and the special participation of Christian Chavez and Natalia de Juarez. , The actors have also joined Angelica Maria, Andrea Chapparro, and Tessa Aya.

House of Flowers, the movie It has a screenplay written by Gabriel Nuncio and Manolo Caro, and in addition to being an executive producer alongside Rafa Ley and María José Córdova, he also directs it.

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