Since Facebook Metaverse Began to become popularBig companies, passionate about virtual reality and innovation, have envisioned what this universe would look like as a way to revolutionize the way we communicate and interact with others and the world around us.

Now, Mita shares some of her views on What will become of metaverse?. Like, for example, having a conversation with another person, in another language, while both parties understand each other with the help of a machine translator. Even build a world using only sound. Something that can be very useful to describe a space that you consider ideal and would like to see your ideas grounded on a virtual plane.

through a artificial intelligence event Presented by the same company, it deals with some technologies that will become the focus of its development in the virtual world. Under the idea of ​​entering, building and interacting in a simple way.

Before moving forward, we invite you to briefly review what the metaverse is and how it will affect our lives.

Our thoughts at work

The first idea you shared was named bot creator. The novelty of this tool is that it acts as a smart assistant. Someone who is able to embody our thoughts by taking our voice as raw material. However, this wizard is still in development, and it will take some time before we can see our ideas in action.

In the demo, Mark Zuckerberg went from a shot with no background to a beach-like stage in a matter of seconds using only his voice. Later, he invited one of his companions to build his own world. This is how they started adding a mat, a table, palms, clouds, and even music. And all with just sound. however, The graphics were of lower quality from the previous show.

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However, before developing a Bot Constructor, a company must first develop a more ambitious project called Cairo. A tool that works thanks to the comprehensive neural model through which they seek to allow contextual and personal conversations.

Discover the creative opportunities that the Facebook metaverse holds for creative souls like you.

Real-time translation

Meta, says the metaverse will become The next evolution of social media. An innovative method that will lead to the establishment of contacts with people from different parts of the world with great similarity to the real level. So part of the company’s planned approach is to remove language barriers. To do this, he seeks to develop a machine translator that also works in real time.

Therefore, in the long run, the company considered Develop two tools Including most of the world’s languages. Develop an advanced AI tool to deliver high-quality translations with less contextual data. The other consists of a global translation system that works with spoken translations.

Have you heard of Web 3.0? Otherwise, we invite you to discover it in this video.

However, this innovative technology requires significant development. So we will have to wait a while before we see the first sketches of these revolutionary tools in the facebook metaverse.


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