A man armed with a pistol has been neutralized in the parking lot of a local supermarket

On Saturday, June 26, 2021, around 4 pm, a man armed with a rifle was neutralized in the parking lot of Lidl supermarket in Obgat. On site, employees of Lidl and McDonald’s next door are cared for by firefighters and SMUR, some of whom are in shock. There were no reports of injuries.

According to Philip Fedao, the 19-year-old mayor of Obgat municipality, a man armed with a rifle caused a panic in the parking lot of a Lidl supermarket in Obgat. And around 4pm, the man was reportedly neutralized with a bullet in the leg by the police. But he did not die.

Since mid-afternoon, the police have blocked access to the area. At seven in the evening, calm seemed to have returned, but the package that had been posted was still there.

Neighboring Lidl and McDonald’s customers and employees have been evacuated. A McDonald’s employee attests to this,”One of my teammates told me not to go out, I saw that everyone panicked.

And the testimony of the neighbor also saw the scene.From my bedroom window, I heard “Don’t move, put your hands on your head, throw your guns,” and soon after, a gunshot was fired. Then everyone will run everywhere“.

On the site, a large gendarmerie, firefighters and emergency responders were deployed: 6 vehicles, 2 fire trucks and a SMUR vehicle. Lidl and McDonald’s employees are currently being cared for, and some are in shock.

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