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Stephanie has become the luckiest contestant in the history of Koh Lanta.

KOH-LANTA – This is called bad luck. during a loop Koh Lanta: The Cursed Totem Broadcast on Tuesday 5 April on TF1, in addition to his elimination, Stephanie hit the black ball for the fifth time in a row.

When two teams are not equal in number and gender, Dennis Bruniart makes a toss between the respective candidates to rebalance. The candidate or candidate who pulls the black ball, into a wooden bowl where there are in the middle of the white balls (with the number of balls the adventurers have), is exempt from the test, preventing him from showing their abilities. capabilities in front of others.

According to the math teacher he met le Figaro, the scenario tested by Stephanie occurs once every 3,125 times (probability of 0.032%, for 5 balls present during the draw). Which makes her the most “unlucky” candidate in the game’s history. In 2016 and 2017, two candidates also drew the black ball five times in a row, but the number of balls in the pot was reduced.

“I’m sick Dennis, I didn’t come to him Koh Lanta To actually watch it, I can stay at home for it,” the 36-year-old reacted after this new stroke of luck. “I would freak,” she said again, who could not participate in the water game of skill, nor in the construction of a vertical puzzle. .

“Today, the lottery, I feel very good: 17 adventurers remaining, we are in 17 days of adventure, I was born on the 17th. This is my lucky number. Today, everything is for me, everything is fine. Today is white ”, She said right before the draw…

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On Twitter, viewers particularly reacted to the development of the new fate that Stephanie has experienced, It can also be read in the messages below.

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