Valérie Lemercier, her return to the stage

After “Aline”, an informal tribute to Celine Dion, rehearsals on the stage of Antoine “The Benaime Sisters”, a comedy by Brigitte Bock.

She finished 2021 in style with a popular and popular victory. Over a million spectators in theaters watched Aline, an unofficial but totally honest homage to her idol Celine Dion, making Valerie Lemercier the most bankable French director. After promoting her feature film in Quebec and facing criticism alongside part of the Dion family, Valérie Lemercier is back in business immediately.

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She’s rehearsing at the Antoine Theater “Les Soeurs Bienaimé,” a comedy by Brigitte Bock that tells the lives of two sisters who have hated each other for years and are forced to reconnect, bound and forced by circumstances. Valérie Lemercier finds a co-author who will be sharing the stage for the first time with Isabelle Gélinas. She hasn’t sat on the boards since 2015 with her last women’s show at Châtelet.

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The year before, she had appeared for a few weeks in “Un temps de chien” of the same Brigitte Bock at the Montparnasse Théâtre. Valerie Le Mercier is not the type to play overtime and prefers to stick to short breaks. A polite way of saying that if you want to see her in the theatre, don’t be late!

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