Switzerland, 38, no Vax kidnapped a federal vaccine expert: she was killed by the police

The kidnapper was a flat-earth German who demanded money from the victim. The motive behind this gesture is not yet clear

kidnapping –

Christoph Berger, Chairman of the Federal Vaccination Commission, after a period of silence to allow the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office to shed light on the incident, decided to speak: “That man kept me in an apartment in Zurich, and asked me to come, which is a large sum,” explaining that the hijacker did not indicate his activity. As head of vaccinations.

hijacker –

What is known for sure is that

Berger was kidnapped by a 38-year-old German. It is the non-hardened exponent that also belongs to the movement flat earth, any group that believes that the Earth is flat, that there are aliens on this planet, that 9/11 was not an attack and other conspiracy theories. According to preliminary investigations, the man also relied on accomplices from among the violent parties of the non-parasitism movements, one of whom was arrested in the city of Zug.

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