Alert, weather news: an exceptional coastline filled with severe storms, hail and winds.  Northern Italy Road
Lightning chart, credit Observe the line of development of the thunderstorm.

An exceptional spring streak stretches from the Pyrenees into Germany, now approaching Switzerland, and the first lightning strikes have already crossed the Alpine arc and have been recorded in the Valtellina. The first lightning also in Trentino.

The cold front that will pass over the northern regions the next night is a harbinger of severe storms, hail showers, and strong winds.

A squall line, also known as a roughly linear convective system (QLCS), is a line of thunderstorms that forms along a cold front or prefrontal low pressure area. These thunderstorms can extend for hundreds of kilometers and often produce damaging winds, hail and heavy rain. Storm lines are most common in the spring and summer when the weather is unstable and there is an abundance of moisture and heat.

Storm lines can be a serious hazard due to their potential to cause damage and disturbance. The main hazards associated with storm lines include:

  1. Strong winds: Winds associated with storm lines can exceed 100 km/h and cause severe damage to buildings, trees, and vehicles.
  2. Hail: Storm lines can produce significant hail that can damage rooftops, cars, and agricultural crops.
  3. Heavy Rain: The squall lines can produce heavy rain that can cause flash floods and flash floods in some areas.
  4. Downburst: A downburst is a meteorological phenomenon consisting of an intense downward flow of air associated with a convective storm. This downward flow of cold air originates within an altocumulus cloud, usually at the base of the cloud, and reaches the ground at very high speeds, often in excess of 100 km/h.
  5. Tornadoes Although not all squall lines produce tornadoes, some can produce destructive tornadoes that can cause severe damage.
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For these reasons, it is important to follow the weather forecasts and warnings issued by local authorities When approaching the storm line, take steps to protect yourself and your property.


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