Child problem in FB Nicholas Gonzalez threatens the end of the season

Will Nicholas Gonzalez play another seasonal match at FC Stuttgart? There have always been doubts.

Stuttgart – Nicolas Gonzalez (23 years old) is a real problem child at the moment!

Nicholas Gonzalez (23 years old) is the currently formed child at VfB Stuttgart. © Tom Wheeler / Dr.

The VFB Stuttgart striker had been off the field for several weeks with a ruptured muscle fiber.

It’s the second in a very short time!

The Argentine had just recovered when he suffered a muscle injury again during training.

But as if all of this wasn’t bad enough, things got worse for the 23-year-old.

At the pre-match press conference at home against Wolfsburg (8.30pm / Sky), VfB coach Pellegrino Matarazzo (43) informed that the Argentine had to be quarantined due to a coronavirus case in his rehab group.

A big setback for the national player!

“It’s not optimal,” said Matarazzo, who appeared visibly depressed about the matter. “He could take it back a few days.”

The coach also made it clear that they wanted to “build Gonzalez safely” and instead “wait a few days longer because of the history of his injury.”

Accordingly, it is by no means certain that the Argentine will play VfB again this season. Speculation that Matarazzo didn’t want to get involved: “He could still use it!”

But from home quarantine, you can only work on recovery to a limited extent. At least a rehab professional supports the attacker. The necessary sports equipment was delivered to the Gonzales home.

According to Matarazzo, the Argentine needs another week of rehabilitation in the usual environment after quarantine in order to be fit.

If he succeeds, he will be ready for the last two days of the Bundesliga game.

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