We left it on June 29, 2021 at Wimbledon Central Court. The legend had put one knee to the ground. Tears and bruises had to give up after just 38 minutes of play against Alexandra Sasnovich, in the first round. But she came back. Next week the player with 23 Grand Slam titles – only Margaret Court doing better with 24 – will return to the competition, in Eastbourne, where she will compete in doubles with Anas Jaber. Without seeing it, Venus’ little sister seemed very out of touch.

amazing woman

Since her premature exit from the London Grand Slam, the American has become an advisor to the board of directors of Sorare – a start-up in the NFTs – and has written a children’s book – “The Adventures of Qai Qai” – and has been recognized as a “fashion icon” by the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The woman promoted the sandwich for her own brand of clothing and jewelry, Gatorade drinks, Nintendo Switch, Just Egg veggie eggs (made with mung beans, you read that right), and of course the movie. Williams methodWhich traces the family’s success story. She also filmed an advertisement for the Direct TV platform where, disguised as Wonder Woman, she fights panic-inducing bullet launchers. Judge instead.

And tennis in all of this? The forty-year-old was quite cautious after August 25, when she announced that she would skip the US Open to recover from a torn hamstring. She concluded, “See you soon.” Time is relative, but still.

“She is unable to run today, then her coach Patrick Moratoglu explained to her tennis majors. If you run with pain, this means that there is a real risk of worsening the injury. It also means not being able to train at 100%. But the most important point is not that she is not ready, it is that if she plays, she risks her future. »

Still the Frenchman, now with Simona Halep, recently reported on a conversation with the heroine in early April: “I went to ask her what she was going to do. It wasn’t very clear to her. I asked her if she wanted to go to Roland-Garros. She told me she didn’t know.” It was six weeks before the tournament.” The mystery clearly dissipated with the arrival of the season on the grass. A surface in which she won seven major championships, as well as the Olympic title in 2012.

“Cherry on Dessert”

Anas Jaber, with whom Williams will return to the competition, did not hide his enthusiasm: “I was over the moon when I knew I was going to play Serena. It’s a privilege. Eastbourne Tournament Director Gavin Fletcher shared: “This year’s program is absolutely amazing, Serena’s presence will be a special addition on the cake. . »

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And if this duo is seen more often than usual in Devonshire Park, then everyone is already thinking about Wimbledon. Having reached the 1208th rank, the American could not claim the main tie for her ranking … But Serena remained Serena, and the organizers gave her a wild card.

In what form will it be? This is the big question. Serena has been away for long periods before, and comes back strong every time. After winning in Melbourne on January 28, 2017, she went 13 months without a championship due to a knee injury and then pregnancy. Back in March 2018, she reached the Wimp final in July, and the US Open final in September. Yes, but now, time is doing its job and the hero is approaching his forty-first birthday.

“I’m sure she will come back in good shape, I don’t think she will try to come to Wimbledon in half form. She has to work hard in recent weeks, and it’s great for the track and for women’s sport,” said German Andrea Petkovic, who is currently 59th in the world. “I can’t wait to see her again. I wish I hadn’t seen her in the first round. Serena may not have played in a year, but she still inspires fear. Unfortunately for Petkovic, fear does not avoid danger.”

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