The drones that hit Moscow were targeting the homes of Putin’s intelligence officials –

Drones that hit a residential area in Moscow at the end of May were The homes of some of Putin’s intelligence officials were targeted, and they had left the Russian lands. Some sources familiar with the attack, notably a senior government official and a member of a parliamentary staff, disclosed the target to the US network. NBCAt least one of the affected buildings — added Strider Technologies, a startup intelligence firm that analyzes open source data — was Associated with the SVR, the Russian Foreign ServiceBut it is not clear if the agents’ apartments were damaged. “It was not an indiscriminate attack on an affluent suburb,” A.J NBC Eric Levesque, Strider Chief Operating Officer. era A blow in the psychological warfare of this conflictwhich first arrives in the Moscow provinces ».

And the Russians had immediately accused Kiev of the raid, which was launched according to what they reported with eight drones, while the Ukrainians denied their involvement as usual, and the President’s advisor, Mykhailo Podolak, added that. His country had no “direct dealings” with the attack, which, however, made for new ones. An increasingly frequent formula after the coups d’état in the Russian lands, with Zelensky’s men who They deny their involvement and understand it at the same time: The same dynamic occurred in recent weeks with the attacks of Russian nationalist revolutionaries in the Belgorod border region, when the official of military intelligence in Kiev, Andrei Chernyak, spoke of “collaboration” with extremists based in Ukraine, while denying his involvement. from the regular army.

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Recently, these strikes have intensified. Operations carried out in enemy territory – drone strikes over Moscow, attacks in border regions, sabotage, assassinations of nationalist elements – are Causing insecurity among the populationAnd distract the Russians and force them to defend themselves and embarrass the American administration, which vetoed the use of allied weapons across the borders, but Above all they leave open questions. Who carried out the operation? What are the weapons used? Was Kiev aware of the shots? Did Zelensky’s army participate? In the case of the drones that reached Moscow for example, Immediately assume that the plane has departed from Russian territoryBecause it is unlikely that they could have traveled 700 kilometers without being detected by the air defenses.

Now American intelligence sources have confirmed the suspicions In the CNN: Some anonymous officials explained that the Ukrainians may plant Network of agents and sympathizers within RussiaThen use the men and women who receive the drones to launch attacks and sabotage, starting with the attack against the most protected buildings in Russia. Cells – probably with the support of Ukrainian services – are It consists of well-trained releases and activistsWhich easily mixes with the civilian population and is supplied with unmanned aerial vehicles of Ukrainian manufacture. Drones secretly cross borders, which are long and difficult to control, and follow well-studied routes: Sometimes they arrive whole, and sometimes divided into components which are then assembled on the ground and directed towards the designated targets.


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